All Flower Preroll infused with D8, HHC, THCO & THCP-CAUTION EXTREMELY POTENT

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Moon Dragon Hemp Co. Prerolls are EXTREMELY POTENT. Our prerolls are made from Greenhouse grown flower and infused with D8, HHC, THCO and THCP which has been said to be 300 times stronger that THC.  For this reason we need to caution you before use and to contact your Dr.  Moon Dragon formulators take pride in using the purest oils and highest quality flower available grown under extermely clean conditions for a greeenhouse. Unlike other claiming to have the best prerolls we don't use any solvents to infuse the flower, just good ole pressure and slight heat. 

Please consume this Preroll responcibly and in a safe environment.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review