Wholesale Market

This wholesale Market is for businesses looking to fill their shelves with A, B. and C quality flower.  Please note that all flower sales are final as once the flower leaves our facility it can no longer pass our quality control.

A quality Flower is our top tier of flower that comes from True Indoor/Greenhouse grows. These buds will have great nose and large dense buds frosty buds

B quality is Flower is our mid tier flower that comes from Indoor/Greenhouse grows. These buds comes from our A grade grade just a little smaller buds

C grade consists of  a light to earthy nose, These buds may not have a huge nose upfront but when you break the buds open you get hit with the terpenes.  This grade is great for pre rolls where you're grinding the flower to release the terpenes

4th tier is trim. Trim comes off when we trim our buds.  This tier is a great for prerolls, still has a nice nose.



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