About Us

Moon Dragon Hemp Co was founded in 2020.  We started in 2013 in the Marijuana industry in the infused products sector to help as many people as possible. As regulations were enacted, the idea of helping people went out the door, and all people could think about was charging as much as they could to whomever they could to line their pockets.  That idea of business didn’t align with our morals, and we were limited to a handful of companies we could supply to diminished.  We exited the Cannabis industry and went all-in with producing hemp products, including CBD, Delta 8 (D8), HHC, THCO, and THCP.  In 2016 we opened our hemp botanical extraction facility and started doing formulations for people that needed real help with medical conditions. Although this model helped people, it wasn't feasible to do this on a small scale for us, so in 2020, we launched Moon Dragon Hemp Co. 

Moon Dragon Hemp Co had one goal in mind: to provide Premium Hemp Flower, Delta 8, THCO, HHC and THCP Concentrates, and Premium CBD oil products to consumers at prices you could afford.  We know how much it costs to produce a tincture, and for them to charge you $50 was all we could handle.  Yes, this product is excellent for you. Yes, this product is suitable for your dog; it’s cool, but with all that in mind, EVERYONE should be able to afford it. Although we are primarily a delta eight smokable and delta 8 concentrates company, we will be launching our ingestible and topical lines later this year and into 2023.  

All of us here at Moon Dragon Hemp Co would like to thank you in advance for your support and please know we are incredibly appreciative. Please read our blog for awesome and exciting things you may be able to take advantage of as you continue down your hemp products journey. If you'd like to learn the difference between Delta 8 and CBD, look at our blog.

Thank you from our Dragon family.