CBD For Dogs and our experience

Posted by Jason Robillard on Jul 21st 2021

CBD For Dogs and our experience

My name is Jason with Moon Dragon Hemp Co. in Brighton, Colorado.  This blog is informational and we welcome feed back and stories of what you or your animals have experience on CBD.  We will also be doing deep dives into the science behind how CBD and other Cannabinoids work within your body from professionals throughout the country.

A CBD story about our dog.

Heres a personal story about our dog Val and her first experience with CBD which at the time we did NOT give her.

This story is from a few years ago. We came home to find that Val was leaning up against the wall in our living room with her head and front legs spread wide.  We were wondering what in the heck was wrong with her.  We grabbed her a gently laid her on the floor where she was looking at us like please help me cause I don't know what's going on. lol My wife asked if we should take her to the emergency room and I said let me look around and see if she had gotten into anything. We have young kids so we don't leave anything around they can get into so naturally we were really surprised that she was acting this way. Looking around the house for about 30 mins we didn't find anything that would cause her to act this way so we went outside to see if maybe she had gotten into anything out there.  Just to paint the picture for you, we live on four acres where we grow High Quality CBD Strains for Vaping, Smoking, extraction and breeding. We usually grow in greenhouses (see our photo on MoonDragonHemp.com) but had grown about an acre outdoor.  We never thought we needed to put a fence around our outdoor grow because who would have thought we needed to keep animals out. We dont have problems with deer or any other pests that would get in the grow and damage it so it was planted in our back field. Our crop was just being harvested and we laid it in the barn to dry on some stainless steel tables not thinking anything would touch it. Boy were we wrong. Didnt really notice the plants were moved around until my wife noticed that some of the plants were outside of the barn. After a closer look we noticed that some of the flower was missing off the plant.  At that time there wasn't a lot about CBD and dogs but being in the extraction business and being a product formulator with CBD we came to the conclusion that she had eaten a few large buds off the plant and was having a reaction to the CBD.  In short, the way dogs uptake CBD is similar to ours so if you give your dogs CBD which we recommend just be careful as it can have a negative short term effect on your best friend.