We Grow our Premium CBD Hemp with Epsom Salt for bigger yields.

Posted by Poppy Jones Robillard on Aug 23rd 2021

We Grow our Premium CBD Hemp with Epsom Salt for bigger yields.

The Benefits of Epsom Salt when Growing Cannabis Plants

Every grower is looking for ways to increase their yield as well as produce good quality potent buds. The best way to accomplish this is to provide the plant with the right nutrients in optimum growing conditions. Organic supplements, such as Epsom salt, is one of the easiest ways to provide nutrients to enrich the soil and feed your plants to support healthy growth.

What is Epsom Salt?

Epsom salt is simply magnesium sulfate. It is used in many beauty and health applications, from pain relief and treatment of constipation to skin exfoliation. The benefits of Epsom salt in gardening are finding their way into the mainstream now as people begin to utilize its natural properties for healthy plant growth.

Why Use Epsom Salt for Cannabis?

Cannabis plants require magnesium to support the uptake of nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. When your plants get these crucial nutrients it influences the size, strength, yield, and potency of the buds produced by those plants. Well-fed plants produce and supply the high-quality concentrates, like Sativa, that you buy.

The plant’s immune system is strengthened by sulfur, which plays an important role in the plant’s functions such as enzyme production and water circulation. This important nutrient also protects your plants from environmental stress. Mother plants earmarked for cloning or breeding can also benefit from the use of Epsom salt to remove any nutrient build-up and help them recover from any environmental stress that occurs from taking trimmings. Using Epsom salt during cloning can also help as a foliar feed as well as to promote root development.

Yellowing leaves, typically beginning on the lower canopy of the plant, is a sign of magnesium deficiency. If your plant begins to show these signs, adding Epsom salt to the soil can provide the necessary levels of magnesium to restore your plant’s health and support new growth.

Benefits of Epsom Salt for Plants

Besides Epsom salt’s ability to promote nutrient uptake, there can be other benefits to using it with your cannabis plants.

Epsom salt won’t pollute the soil or build up the way that other minerals and supplements will. This build-up becomes polluting to the plant, essentially overdosing the plant with these compounds. Since Epsom salt does not pollute the soil, it is a very effective eco-friendly nutrient for your cannabis plants.

Epsom salt is easily dissolved in water and therefore can be used for hydroponic systems as well as cloning because you don’t have to worry about Epsom salt blocking the nutrient pathways in the plant’s roots. However, you can over do it with Epson salt, which will create blockages and nutrient deficiencies, so always start with a low dose and stick to the recommended dosage limits with your plants.

Epsom salt is also very cost-effective and readily available making it a budget-friendly alternative to other pricier supplements for your plants. It supports seed production and germination by eliminating sulfates from the soil. For breeding, this encourages healthy seed formation and increases the rate of germination.

Epsom salt elevates chlorophyll creation, necessary for photosynthesis, as the magnesium supports growth by helping to build chlorophyll compounds. This allows your plants to absorb and feed off of sunlight to promote healthy growth.

How to Use Epsom Salt?

The general rule of thumb is one tablespoon per 5 liters of water. Use this mixture as a foliar feed by using a spray bottle to mist the plants once every three days. When foliar feeding, always spray the plants towards the end of the day so you don’t burn the plant’s leaves. This mixture can also be added to the soil of mature plants. For hydroponic systems you can add two tablespoons per 5 liters directly into the system. Avoid using Epsom salt on healthy plants as it brings no real value if they are not in need of the extra nutrients, and as stated above, too much Epsom salt can cause blockages that may lead to nutrient deficiency. Make sure you use it in just the right levels to achieve the healthy, profitable growth and potent bud yield you desire.