What Are The Benefits Of Mushroom Supplements?

Feb 24th 2023

Around the world, ancient and modern cultures and civilizations have used naturally occurring plant products in the treatment of a variety of different physical and mental conditions. Over time, these treatments and the specific plants and fungi associated with creating specific wellness benefits have slowly become incorporated into natural products available in the United States.

Fungi, or mushrooms, are used in various types of wellness products around the world. Adding mushroom supplements as part of a daily routine can provide a range of wellness benefits. These mushrooms contain specific compounds and ingredients that may be beneficial to specific aspects of metabolism and overall body functioning. They are also traditionally used as a way to relieve mental stress and distress.

Potential Benefits of Combining Mushrooms

Some of the most beneficial mushrooms include Amanita Regalis, Amanita Muscaria, Amanita pantherina, and the Amanita muscaria subspecies flavivolvata. These mushrooms can be toxic if consumed raw or even if cooked, but through the process of harvesting and processing the mushrooms, only the beneficial compounds remain.

Combining different mushrooms provides a wide range of benefits. The Amanita family of mushrooms has been used for centuries helping to soothe and relax the body, to reduce the effect of stress on the body and the mind, and to help to promote healthy sleep.

Choosing to add mushroom supplements to a wellness routine, particularly to reduce stress and assist with sleep, may also provide a range of other benefits. Increased sleep is linked to higher natural energy levels, greater mental focus, and clarity, and mushrooms may also help in immune responses.